Pilot Detail
Process for marine water treatment
Based on the electrochemical oxidation technology, it only requires an electrical potential between two electrodes in water.

High removal rates of contaminants are achieved, such as total ammonia nitrogen (TAN), nitrite and dissolved organic matter, together with high disinfectant efficacy.

The technology offers a Reduced environmental impact: The impact of the RAS system is minimized due to lower water exchange requirements with the surrounding media.

At the same time, the technology allows an efficient energy process, adaptable to optimize energy through a fine tune-up of the treatment intensity to the daily change of the pollutant production rate. The technology has a Compact design, allowing to save investment costs and to maximize the integration possibilities.

Aim & Application
The aim of the technology is to integrate automatic systems with remote alert procedures and supervision of the system condition and operation.

Allowing to reach 100% of performance without start-up and adapting periods typical of the biological systems and to increase treatment capacity with the maximum simplicity and the minimum investment cost.

High safety for the farmed species, ideal for isolated applications as quarantine and bio-security.
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Producing Organisation
Gobierno de Cantabria